Use Rawhide Lamp Shades For Rustic Lamps To Generate Southwestern Design

Rustic lamps with rawhide lamp shades are a wonderful alternative to traditional lamps and home lighting fixtures because they provide an easy way to add rustic charm and enhance southwestern decor in a log cabin or rustic style home. While visiting the southwestern part of the United States, you will see this style used in restaurants, businesses, and hotels that rely on a southwestern theme or Native American decorating style to attract customers.

What I enjoy most about decorating with leather shades is the way they easily enhance true southwestern style in any room and also work nicely with both rustic and traditional style decor. Another nice thing about these lamp shades is that they are found in a variety of colors. This gives you the freedom to decorate with the colors you love while still incorporating true western style into your decor.

Try rawhide lamp shades in your home decorating and you will no doubt be excited with how nicely they enhance western decor and rustic home furniture.

Before purchasing a rawhide lamp shade, it is important to consider how and where you will use it. Are they to be placed on tall floor lamps to light a large space, or on small bedside lamps to illuminate a small area? The main thing to keep in mind is to purchase the correct shade for your needs based on how you plan to use it.

Rawhide shades are also fantastic with antler chandeliers and antler lamps since they a standard for southwestern home lighting. Whatever style you are drawn to in home lighting, you will no doubt love how these lamp shades bring vitality and character to your interior.

When illuminated, the leather shade not only adds great personality to a room but also creates a warm and inviting environment.

It is a perfect combination of tone and color that brings that warm glow. Whether a main focus of the room or just as an accessory to western decor, a rustic lamp shade and lamp definitely look great with country furniture and adds unique charm to the rooms ambiance. If adding a reading lamp to your decor, buy a type and size that will be big enough to hold a bigger size shade and one that provides sufficient light.

Leather lamp shades are also perfect for custom lamps and wall sconces.

Because they are found in a variety of sizes, it is easy to find the right shade for any style lamp. Remember, when you are deciding on the lighting accessories for your home, the light from rawhide desk lamp shades allows you to filter the bright glare and enjoy its beauty while filtering the light where you need it most. Light rawhide, sometimes called southwestern lamp shades, lets the maximum light shine through while dark rawhide shades, referred to as western lamp shades, are more subdued, producing a deeper color when your lamp is turned on.

What you will enjoy most about the leather lamp shades you purchase online, is the ability to use them on traditional or rustic style lamps and with your current decorating style. As with the impressive antler lamp, a rustic leather lamp shade also looks great used with table lamps or area lamps.

Heavy wrought iron lamps are also wonderful southwestern style lighting accessories to combine with rawhide shades. Because modern style lamps look just as nice with rawhide shades as rustic style lamps, there is no need to change your lamps to be able to incorporate the beauty of a rawhide shade.

Rustic shades are key accessories to include when incorporating western style in your decorating. Equally at home in the living room or den as well as bedroom or study, rawhide shades can be used in just one room or used to create a southwest theme throughout your entire house.

The greatest thing about these shades is that you can purchase a great selection of rawhide shades at reduced prices when you shop online. Decorating with rawhide in your home is an investment in tranquility and peace that you will cherish for years to come. If you love the rustic decor used in Colorado, Wyoming and Montana, or want to create your own four season Arizona room, you will love adding to your southwest decor with rawhide lamp shades.


About the Author (text)Craig Chambers is the director of Mission Del Rey and author offering free information online about how you can use Rawhide lamp shades for rustic lamps for chic mountain style home lighting and decor. For more information visit

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