Is it Time for a Toddler Bed

Buying toddler beds for the new born is indeed a very exciting task and requires careful planning as the child will be using the bed for many years. Before buying a toddler bed for a new born, it is necessary to make sure the child is ready for the move from crib to bed. This process requires a lot of patience from your end. The child may find it very difficult to accept the transition from crib to bed. When shopping for toddler beds, make sure that the mattress is firm and comfortable for the young one.

The choices of toddler beds range from the ones that fit exactly into a crib to full beds with box springs. Different shapes of toddler bed designs are race cars and princess castles, which are also available for new born babies. The cost of the bed also varies from 100 USD to 1500 USD While buying toddler beds for new borns, make sure to attach good quality and sturdy guard rails to the bed. Many options are available based on the rails such that the rails can slide under the mattress when not required or can be removed using screws.

Convertible cribs are also available and these cribs can be converted into toddler beds by removing the sliding rail attached to them. The child may either get very excited or may cry of fear while moving from crib to bed. Whether you are moving the child from crib to bed because of a new arrival or because he is climbing out of the crib, you have to do it patiently. As far as possible, keep the toddler bed in the same place as the crib was so that the child feels more secure. Ensure that the child's favorite items like toys and blankets are nearby. It is always advisable to stick to a regular routine for your toddler's bed time.

Ensure that no other changes are introduced apart from the fact the newborn's crib has been changed to a toddler bed. For example, if you have been singing to make the child in the crib sleep, continue to sing after the change also. Your child may try to adopt different methods to try to see that he is not made to sleep in the bed. Be firm and gentle at the time.

Every morning make it a practice to appreciate the child for being in the bed. If you experience difficulty in making your child use the toddler bed, seek the advice of a professional. Different kinds of toddler beds and cribs are available on the market.

They vary in price based on the quality of the mattress, materials used for the beds and depend on the features available. Ensure that you buy a toddler bed or a bed for your new born that you feel is comfortable for the toddler and keep in mind that safety is primary when it comes to dealing with young ones. Finally, the bed might be useful again, so ensure that you buy one which is a wise investment.

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Is it Time for a Toddler Bed - Buying toddler beds for the new born is indeed a very exciting task and requires careful planning as the child will be using the bed for many years.

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