Quick History on Hammocks

Hammocks are a wonderful piece of equipment that allows anyone to enjoy the outdoors in their home, during camping or on pool sides, clubs, and parks. They are very light, very easy to fix and extremely comfortable to relax. Hammocks have been in use for more than millennia mainly in the countries of central and South America. It is known that in the countries like Guatemala, Nicaragua, Mexico, and in south American countries like Brazil, hammocks have been part of their culture and daily life.

It is known that the first Hammocks were made from the bark of a tree called "Hamack" and hence the name hammock. Later on, other materials were tried and the fibers of sisal plant were found to be much durable and softer when beaten. Hence, these have been used for making hammocks for a long time.

The large number of trade and travel routes used by early explorers and businessmen helped in spreading the hammock to various parts of Europe and North America. Sailors used to find it comfortable to get a restful sleep at sea while people in the bohemian countries started using the hammock for a nice afternoon siesta. Currently hammocks have become very popular because of their utility value, aesthetic appeal, space saving feature, ease of handling and the buoyant feeling that they provide. Their appeal and usage have increased many folds. Accordingly they are also being produced for many different uses and manufactured in different materials. While cotton is the most used material, newer fabrics are being used for specialized purposes.

Traditional rope and cord hammocks are vying market space with hammocks from Brazil, Nicaragua and special purpose hammocks like pool side hammocks, camping hammocks among others. Many types of hammocks are available in the market now. The traditional rope hammock is easily the simplest and most popular.

These hammocks use intertwined ropes for support and come in many shapes and sizes to accommodate one or two people. Some rope hammocks even come with shades. In quilted hammocks the ropes are replaced by a beautiful and colorful quilt. Many different kinds of quilts with different decorations are available. They offer good choices for those who want to buy a special hammock different from others.

Mayan handmade hammocks are very special and are known to be the most ingeniously made hammocks as they are hand-woven by the weavers using special materials. These hammocks are known to have materials that can stretch for miles and they take up to ninety hours to make. Further these do not use the wooden bars, allowing these hammocks to adjust to the shape of a person's body by enveloping him or her completely. These are extremely comfortable and are known to be the "best way to beat stress".

Poolside and camping hammocks are made of special fabric that make them water resistant and also make them suitable for outdoor use by protecting them from elements. For example, poolside hammocks allow you to jump straight into them even without drying. Camping hammocks provide ample shelter from elements and these are made of lightweight, portable, and strong materials.

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Quick History on Hammocks - Hammocks are a wonderful piece of equipment that allows anyone to enjoy the outdoors in their home, during camping or on pool sides, clubs, and parks.

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