Advantages of Vinyl Window Treatments

Vinyl window treatments can be a great way to provide window coverings. They are easy to use, come in multiple styles and colors, and are easy to clean. Plus, they are durable and they will not fade.

When choosing vinyl window blinds, it is good to keep in mind a few of their advantages. Vinyl window treatments come in three major styles: vertical, Venetian, and mini. Vertical blinds are those that hang down. Many people choose to put these over sliding glass doors because these blinds are easy to open and close, and because they are quite long. However, they do come in shorter styles so as to fit over regular windows. They are best, however, for windows of unusually long width.

Venetian blinds are the common horizontal blinds. They have slats that are between one and three inches wide, and can be moved up and down. These can be custom-cut to fit a variety of window shapes and sizes. Mini blinds are those that are an inch or less in slat width. One of the biggest advantages to vinyl window treatments is the fact that they are easy to customize in color. The vinyl itself is colored, and so it will not fade.

Nor will the colors chip off, as they would if the blinds were painted the desired color. Additionally, technology is advanced far enough that you can have vinyl window blinds that look like wood. Many companies make treatments that look so much like wood that it is almost impossible to tell the difference by looking at them.

But, unlike wood, vinyl won't dry out, crack, or fade. Custom blinds to match a specific color scheme can also be made. In addition to being versatile and customizable, vinyl window blinds are also relatively inexpensive. They are much less expensive than wood, and are even less expensive than many fabric curtains, especially if the fabric is of particularly high quality. You can get good quality vinyl window treatments without spending an arm and a leg. You can then spend the money on something else.

Cleaning vinyl window blinds is also very easy. It can be done with a damp cloth. You have to be careful with fabric window treatments, as they can fade, and some materials cannot be washed in a regular washing machine. Wood treatments will split and crack if you use water to clean them. Vinyl is easy to clean, and it can even be done by taking the blinds down and spraying them off with a hose outside.

Dusting them is fairly simple. Just shut the slats and dust that way. There are even special dusters and vacuum attachments that allow you to easily clean three or four individual slats at a time. Vinyl window treatments can be a great way to express yourself through décor. It is possible to find vinyl blinds in nearly any shade.

And you can even get the look of bamboo, cherry, or pine wood without having the inconvenience, hassle, and expense of using actual wood blinds.

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