Basic Knowledge

Home Improving Tools and Supplies for Landscaping

Landscaping is part of improving the home. Thus, when people come to your home the first thing they look at is your door, windows and yard. At what time you take the time to improve your home, thus, you are putting smiles on faces.

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Essential Home Landscaping Equipment

Whether you have a large yard or not, having the right tools and equipment can go a long way toward helping you speed up your routine landscaping tasks and get the results that you want. Not only having good landscaping equipment is important, but also taking good care of your tools and making sure that they are kept in a safe and convenient place as well.

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Economically Design Your Own Landscape Lighting

Providing exterior home lighting for safety, security and aesthetics can be a huge undertaking, consisting of meetings with lighting and landscape designers. You'll also need to check local codes to see if your county or town requires a permit, and you'll need an inspector to check for underground plumbing or wires. All this before a single trench is dug across your yard or through your flower garden, and the final price may be more than some are willing to spend. Solar lights allow you to do the job yourself and the flexibility to move the lights if your not happy with the initial placement, and at a fraction of the cost.

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Landscape Maintenance: Fertilization

Ever wonder why someone else's lawn is so much thicker and greener? Why their flowers are so much fuller with larger Blume? Everyone knows to water their lawn, plants, etc. during dry periods, but the key to lush healthy plants is in the fertilization. The type of plant determines the rate and frequency at which fertilization should be applied. The following describes how often to fertilize each type.

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Choosing A Garden Fence

Garden fencing can serve many purposes, but one of the best is to accent and define areas of your garden. Whether you choose a six or twelve inch high border edging, or stand a section of post and rail garden fencing in the center of a sweep of lawn, garden fencing can add a beautiful accent to your landscaping.

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