The Soggy Truth about Water Damage

Each year, the nightly news features images of swollen rivers, tidal surges, and water sweeping through communities. Cars float past the camera while all you can see are the rooftops of homes peeking above the water line. Clearly, these cars and homes will suffer significant water damage. Many will be total losses. However, these extreme images represent just a fraction of water damage claims that occur throughout the year.

While heavy rains and severe weather certainly wreak havoc, homeowners and businesses across the nation regularly suffer from more benign flooding. A single overflowing toilet or burst pipe is enough to cause major water damage. In addition, slow seepage in the basement, high humidity levels throughout the home, insufficient ventilation, leaking roofs or windows, and undetected leaks also contribute.

Before you know it, walls are soaked and carpets are drenched. Yes, you have water damage. Whether the flooding is obvious or hard to detect, prompt action is required.

Otherwise, not only will you have damaged floorboards, carpeting, and walls, you'll also have mold. That's because mold thrives in a moist environment. In fact, in cases of undetected water damage, your first clue to the problem is often a musty odor.

If you walk into a room and notice a damp, musty environment, you can bet that there's a water leak or collection of moisture nearby. It may surprise you how much damage as little as one inch of water can do. For example, if a pipe bursts in an upstairs wall, you'll have significant damage throughout the home including the damaged pipe, damaged walls, damaged floors and carpets (upstairs and below), and a damaged downstairs ceiling. If you have wall-to-wall carpet, you may need to replace the carpet throughout the entire home! One inch of water can also affect the entire floor as well as baseboards and drywall throughout the home. In addition, furniture and anything else on the floor will be damaged or ruined.

To make matters worse, safety is compromised as water and electricity don't mix. While the major floodwaters are devastating to those affected, the soggy truth is this: water damage can happen to anyone.

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