STOP Dont Forget To Inspect The Places Your Baby Sleeps

Babies are amazing little creatures. Just when you think they'll never fall asleep, they head off to dreamland in the most unusual places. When this happens, it's tempting to leave them where they lay. Don't cave in! To make sure a little princess slumbers just right, it falls on you to inspect the places baby sleep to ensure they are safe and secure. While there's little doubt you find yourself rather tired with a new baby in the house, taking the time to check out the places just makes good common sense. With the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome always a concern, a few extra minutes of time can alleviate some very big worries.

This can bode well for your own chances to slumber, too, since the peace of mind safety provides takes a big load off your thoughts. Some questions to ask when inspecting the places baby sleep happens include: * How the baby is laying? If she's in her car seat and fast asleep, chances are she's quite safe for a catnap. Should she have dozed off while set on her stomach on the couch, however, moving her is a rather good idea.

While rolling generally isn't a concern when she's a newborn and still quite little, a facedown position on a comfy couch increases the odds of trouble. * What objects are around her? Believe it or not, typical "baby" toys are not always safe to have around while she counts a few sheep. If toys are nearby or any other objects are around that can potentially block her face and hamper breathing, move them even if the action wakes her. You are always better off when the safe, rather than sorry, approach is taken. * Is the area free from loose fitting blankets? This is a big concern for many new parents and one that's a little hard to get a handle on.

The reality is anything loose on a bed, from its sheets to its blankets, can cause potential breathing problems under the right (or wrong) circumstances. * Is her sleep area separate and protected from others in the house? If she falls asleep in the middle of your bed at your own bedtime, for example, it's time to move her. Rolling over accidents happen. They're rare, but they do occur.

This is one mistake no new parent (or experienced one) wants to make. * Is the temperature right? If the place baby sleeps in is too hot or too cold, it might be worth moving her to a more suitable room or adjusting the temperature. Comfortable nighttime clothes and room temperature is typically the best to shoot for. Babies don't need big quilted blankets or other similar covers that can accidentally get stuck over their noses.

The places baby sleep are quite often anywhere that you don't necessarily expect. She'll fall asleep in her car seat on the way home from the store, on your shoulder while you walk through the house and in the middle of your bed while you fold laundry. Put her in her own, safe bed and quite often it's a no go of monumental proportions. While it's tempting to leave her where she falls asleep, take a good look around to make sure it's really safe. You'll always be glad you did!.

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