Cottage Decorating Offers Great Appeal For City Dwellers

Cottage decorating can be very appealing particularly for individuals who live in the city. After all, when the hustle and bustle of the city has made it's way into your house who wouldn't feel the urge to make life less complicated with country decor? A big principle of decorating in a cottage style is to make your place look like it has a lot of space. In order to do that you need to get rid of all that stuff you don't really need.

Recycle and reuse everything that may serve as a storage container to hide those items that you do keep. Suitcases and old hatboxes may make ideal storage containers and also add decorative appeal Rather than throwing out your old broken furniture, why not repair it? Showing love to an older piece of furniture is part of the appeal of cottage decorating. Consider simple, bold colors that are consistent throughout your space. White is constantly a fine selection when talking about cottage decor. An all white theme is fresh and clean, it can make your home seem more spacious and serve as a great pallet for your personal touches.

Floral patterns, simple embroidery and vibrant colors will likely be your mainstay for decorative quilts, pillows and throws. Use your unique creativity to add your own personal charm to the interior decorating scheme. Shop at yard sales and flea markets for anything from window drapes to towels. Art festivals and colleges often offer wonderful works that can be bought very reasonably, and you could get a real gem from an artist that later becomes well known. Ferret out the best finds as this style of decorating looks great when you use mismatched furniture and accessories that you don't buy in a department store.

Old architectural pieces, needlepoints and lamps can all add to the shabby chic appeal. And also you will be certain your accessories and furniture aren't the same pieces you see in every other home Finally, but most significantly to cottage decorating, bring the feel of a country day to your home. Add softness along with country ambiance to your design with a container garden. You might grow herbs properly in your window - they look great and you can employ them in your cooking also. . Cottage decor is the contrast of eclectic decor.

It works with vintage used furniture that still looks great. The unique and interesting country cottage in the city is a terrific style to come home to.

Lee Dobbins writes for Perfect Home Decor where you can get more decorating ideas and learn more about the cottage decorating style.

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