Change Vibes with Colours

If you are planning to re-style or re-decorate your home then you should consider carefully when choosing the colours you intend to use. After a long working day everybody is looking forward to the comforts and relaxing atmosphere of their own home. This very atmosphere is however also dependant on the choice of relevant colours. Basic knowledge of colours and their effect will already help a great deal in making the right choice to create the intended atmosphere within your own four walls. Colours are not only an aesthetic matter but also possess attributes capable of influencing actions, emotions and thoughts. Warm colours: Red, Orange Light, warm colours: Yellow Dark, warm colours: Ochre, Siena, Umbra In general these colours give the impression that the room temperature is perceived slightly warmer than with so called ?cold colours".

Thus they should be used in rooms facing to the north or with a view to rather bleak landscapes. In addition they have a mentally and physically encouraging effect. Studies have shown an increase in respiration and heart beat in rooms of orange and yellow colouring.

Cold colours: Blue, Teal, Turquoise These colours come across as cooling, refreshing and relaxing. They are well suited for use in hot, tropical and sub tropical climates, in rooms with a high amount of solar irradiation, for over worked persons with concentration problems as well as to visually enhance the size of the room. The most important colours and their impact.

In order to avoid unwanted ?side effects" - an overview of the most important colours and their impact: Red is the most dynamic and aggressive colour, stimulates mentally and physically, enhances physical activity and work, too much leads to restlessness, bad temper and the feeling of being crowded. Orange produces a happy, easy going atmosphere, stimulating, highly recommendable in rooms with a north view. Yellow stimulates mentally and enhances conversations. Ideal in rooms for younger people.

Ochre, Siena and Umbra support warmth and absorb at the same time, they are soothing and countervailing. They can be used pretty much anywhere within your home. Blue comes across as cool and clean. In small and narrow rooms it is well used to visually enhance the size.

Teal gives the impression to stabilise and seems more defining the blue. Turquoise enhances a cool but more personal climate. Green has a soothing impact, provides balance, peace, safety and well being.

Further colours like Purple and Violett appear lush and are a perfect choice for formal rooms. Pink is slightly weaker in its impact and therefore carries less wight in its appearance. Black, White & Grey are great in combination with other colours but excessive use will result in a rather bleak and dreary impression.

Jeff Conrad introduces Walter Caldo who is a interior designer and who wants to give people the latest information on home improvement skills for free.

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