Central Air Conditioning

Large offices and buildings commonly have a central air conditioning system. A central air conditioning system is comprised of a compressor and a condenser. The evaporator is joined to an air handling mechanism or a forced air furnace. The entire system is usually packed and placed outside like an outhouse.

The air is cooled and this air is distributed to the different stories and rooms with the help of air ducts. The temperature in the rooms can be regulated with the help of the set of controls that have been placed in each room. Though there are many buildings, which do not have the controls and the tenants and residents have to adjust with the temperature that has been set for all the floors. A centralized air conditioning system is packaged with a number of advantages. Because the unit is placed outside the building the tenants are never bothered with the noise that it creates. This type of air conditioners cleanses the air that is being circulated in the entire building.

There are many air ducts through which the air is being sucked out. Then this air is filtered and put back. This helps to purify the air of not only dust particles but microscopic pollutants as well. Centralized air conditioners can effectively cut electricity costs. Energy consumption and voltage requirements of the tenants can also be controlled and regulated by the engineers and administrators because the tenants do not need to use energy for their personal air conditioners.

A centralized air conditioning system allows you to determine the temperature that one would feel comfortable in. it is much easier and less expensive to keep temperatures at a constant level. There are a few things that are to be kept in mind while buying an air conditioner so that it gives you the best of services. The main thing is to ensure that the filter is functioning properly. The air that is being circulated has to be clean and fresh.

Breathing in stale and recycled air is not good for health at all. This is a very important factor otherwise pollutants will be spread all over your building. There is another very important factor that has to be kept in mind. You may have to provide your tenants the freedom to choose the temperature in their homes or offices.

The controls also have to be provided. An architect will be able to help you to install particular controls in each of the floors of the building.

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