Benefits of an Air Purifier

Very often we fail to realize that the thing we are most in contact with is the air we breathe. It is true we don't have control over the air we breathe outdoors. But it is equally true that we can breathe better air indoors, where we spend a subsequent amount of time in a day. In fact an average American spends about 90% of his day indoors. This may be his home or in the office or some place else. This air, present indoors can be cleansed and made fit to breathe with the aid of air purifiers.

The American Lung Association claims that polluted indoor air is to a large extent responsible for several lung problems and the issue should be treated with utmost importance. It is a fact that indoor allergens are a major cause for asthma in people. They might lead to other breathing problems too. In fact, a polluted bedroom might even mean that you don't get your regular hours of sleep.

It is no wonder that the air purifier industry is growing in the country in leaps and bounds. The sales have skyrocketed and the annual sales figures have already crossed the limit of $100 million. The growth has been a proof of air purifiers being effective in reducing problems their owners had before they were in possession of a purifier. Apart from asthma, air purifiers have also been found to be effective in cases of rhinitis and sinusitis. As the earth gets more and more polluted by the day, respiratory illnesses will also be in a steady rise. Some of the figures are startling.

There are about 14.6 million Americans who are suffering from asthma. Even the number of deaths attributed to asthma has also doubled in a span of few years. What this calls for is to have at least pure air while you are at home. Installing an air purifier ensures this.

Studies have shown that homes which have installed air purifiers suffer less from asthma, allergies and other respiratory problems. While industrial and vehicular emissions are a continuous threat to the environment, you have responsibility towards yourself and your family. At least provide them at home the pure air they need to breathe. We can only do up to a point. Now that you know the effectiveness and importance of an air purifier, you shouldn't be thinking twice about getting one for your family.

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