Be Selfish When You Decorate Your Home

Too many people decorate their home with other people in mind. One has to think about friends or family members with special needs, as those with pets need to consider the special challenges they represent with décor. But I am talking about being a bit selfish once these are needs are met. We need to satisfy ourselves after all. Maybe you should not care what the relatives will think or how your nosy neighbors will like your décor. Your décor needs to satisfy you first, period.

You need to be happy. If you like palm trees, sailboats, teddy bears, elephants, fossils, skulls, you name it, use these items. Decorate the way you like. Enjoy! Your home is a very special place because that is where you live. Your home décor makes your home livable.

No two people can possibly decorate a living space exactly the same on their own. There is just too many color choices, furniture choices, lighting choices, floor covering choices and wall art choices. This being the case, you may as well pleasure yourself. The true essence of decorating is to express your loves and desires while making the space warm and welcoming to guests. Once you start the decorating process, you will find that it becomes easier and easier.

Just think, you have been making choices of art all of your life. Your choices began when you chose which color crayon you would color a picture with before you could walk all of the way up to the kind and make of auto you chose to drive and everything in between. You know what you like. Find your rythem and put this together. No one expects your home to shine like a professional decorator did it but then again, who knows you better than you? One major key to decorating, besides choosing what theme you like, is to lean towards comfort. Decorating your space does not have to mean that you need to scrap your favorite moth eaten comfortably broken in sofa or recliner.

What you can do is decorate around your comfort items. Keep those old relics from your past if you like and add interest and décor around them. Have you been to Starbucks lately or any other laid back and comfortable coffee house.

Do you see brand new matching furniture with no history or character? Do you see cold perfect furniture? No, you see worn and warm furniture mixed into a great atmosphere. There is no law or rule that says that the furniture and décor icons from your past must be thrown out. An important part of decorating is convenience. Place furniture ad objects close enough for comfort but not so close that your knees are touching. You do not need people trying to shout to each other to communicate but you do not want them breathing on you either. When planning a room you need to go on instinct.

Place your furniture where it feels good and after you live in the room some make adjustments.

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