Bamboo Plywood The New Rage

Bamboo is actually a kind of grass though it hardly resembles what we generally think of hearing the word 'grass'. The bamboo plant comes with an extremely hard but hollow stem. This is the part of the bamboo plant that is used in making the bamboo plywood. In fact it is so hard that it almost feels like wood. Furniture and even entire houses made from bamboo is pretty common in Asia. You can get a sense of how bamboo may be used in all versatile ways if you visit one of those Chinese Bamboo Restaurants.

They have everything from tables to chairs and even walls made from bamboo. It is now being observed that bamboo plywood is gaining quite a popularity among people here. If you haven't heard about it let us clarify that it is one of the most expensive kinds of plywood that you will get. The stiff pricing is because of the process in which it is made. Bamboo needs a lot of finishing work before it can be turned into plywood. Also it needs to be treated with insecticide and pesticide as they are susceptible to insect infestation and subsequent rotting.

Bamboo plywood is mainly used in making chairs and tables. Interior experts say that there has been a recent trend in decorating homes with artifacts. The traditional look is in and you can accentuate that look by placing bamboo plywood furniture inside your home. This recent trend has driven the sales of bamboo plywood even though they are so expensive.

Bamboo plywood is also being used these days in making floors. If you are looking for a real traditional look only having furniture of that look is not enough. Once you do your flooring in the same style then you will get what you actually are looking for. Installing a bamboo flooring is not much different from how you install standard hardwood flooring. You would need the subfloor to be dry, clean of any debris and level.

If you are planning to use adhesives for laying down the flooring then be even more careful about the cleanliness of the floor as adhesives don't work well if there is dirt. Also a level subfloor is very important as otherwise when someone walks on the floor the plywood would squeak. It is also possible that moisture will be trapped in the gaps which can cause harm to the plywood over a period of time.

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