Backless Bar Stools

When buying a bar stool one of the main questions you need to ask yourself is do you want a bar stool with a back rest or do you want a standard backless bar stool. Those who choose to purchase a backless bar stool do so solely for aesthetic reasons, this is ok if the stool isn't going to be used very often and is primarily for show. However if the bar stool being chosen is to be used for every day business or pleasure, care must be taken to weigh up all aspects before choosing.

One way of looking at it is bar stools without a back are on average a good bit lighter than backed stools. For bar stools being used in the home weight isn't an issue, but for a hospitality business like a bar or restaurant having a lighter bar stool is an extra advantage, especially for customers or the people employed in such establishments. As a bar stool without a back is not as heavy as a backed bar stool, it can be moved a lot easier. This is a bonus for any establishment in the hospitality business as furniture is constantly being moved about. It would be for this acumen a bar stool with no back is preferred to those with backs. If your backless bar stool was equipped with a swivel widget then there you have your perfect bar stool.

But if you looked at this a different way you would notice that after a while sitting on a backless bar stool could cause some level of back pain. It is so easy to forget that people really do need to have some sort of back support; this is something that should be considered before purchasing. Even those people who have no back problems will find it hard to sit up right and no able to relax.

The other disadvantage of buying a backless barstool is the plain look which some may class as bland. There are many bar stools that are very sheik and pleasant to the eye, but such bar stools commonly have back rests. Seeking a bar stool that is backless isn't necessary a bad idea, they do some redeeming qualities, it just dwindles your options if they are the only stools you are interested in. When all is said and done buying a backless bar stool presents no real advantage. It all really comes down to where and how the bar stools are going to be used and the preference of the buyer.

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