How To Choose The Right Trees For Your Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

by Jim Johnson

Trees can contribute to the overall appearance of your front yard perhaps more than almost any other part of your landscaping design. Unfortunately, many new homes that are now being built come with almost no trees on the property at all, or at least very few. This leaves it up to the homeowner to come up with a winning front yard landscaping idea, and choose the right trees for its design.

Actually, most experts agree that even one single shade tree can make a large difference in the comfort and appearance of a home. For instance, a large leaf tree can help cut down on noise from the street. A very tall tree that casts a shadow on the roof can even reduce heat inside the home in the summer. Trees can also provide protection from the wind too.

But there is no question that choosing the right trees will improve your home's appearance many times over. If you situate them properly, they can accentuate the lines of your house, giving a small house dignity, and restoring balance to a tall house. They can also provide a welcome contrast in color and texture to the appearance of your home. So be sure to select trees from the beginning that will harmonize with the colors and appearance of your house exterior.

When choosing trees for the front yard many people forget to consider the annual cycle of the tree. But you need to think about how long it will hold its leaves, what color its blossoms will be, when it comes into fruit, and when its leaves start to change color. It's a good idea to contrast flowering deciduous trees with evergreens, slender trees with those that have more bulk and mass.

If you have a fairly large front yard try to lay out a foreground, a middle ground, and a background for your home landscaping design. The background is often most naturally composed of large trees. These can even be rough, irregular appearing trees that don't look so well at close range. In the background though, they can provide great texture to what could otherwise be considered monotonous. In the foreground, flowering shrubs are a good choice. In the middle ground is where you can choose medium-sized trees and large shrubs that all produce colorful foliage and blossoms. By laying out your front yard landscaping design in this manner, your eye is drawn in and focuses on the trees that have the most pleasing appearance.

If you have just bought your property, and perhaps built your home as well, sometimes it's a good idea to leave the trees that are there for at least a year or so in order to observe them through all the seasons of the year. That way you will know for sure both its advantages and disadvantages, and can make a good decision about whether or not it fits in well with your overall landscaping design.

Also consider how any tree that you've select for planting will thrive in your climate and your soil conditions. Get familiar with the needs of each tree that you plant in advance. Find out its rate of growth, so you know what you can expect from it in the coming years. If you want a tree that grows quickly and blossoms fast, then avoid trees that grow slowly and take a long time to get established.

Finally, consider also whether the trees you select will mess up your lawn with seed droppings or by attracting insects that you really don't want around.

By doing some advance planning and research, you can lay out an eye pleasing and functional design for your front yard landscaping ideas. And by choosing the right trees for that design you can make it all come together in a winning way.

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