Using Landscaping Bridges In Your Designs

by James McDonald

If you have alot of excess room in your backyard and are looking for something a little out of the ordinary, consider landscaping bridges to fill in the gaps. You can do many things to your landscaping with a bridge and most of them do not take alot of time. These items will fit with just about any designs, whether or not water is involved.

One way to take full advantage of the landscaping bridge is to add a pond. While not necessary it will create a peaceful place for you and your guests to gather, watching the fish shimmer in the sunlight. And bridges designed to cross over the water allow you to get close up views of the fish. It will become a focal point in your yard and will elicit comments from anyone who views it.

You can go one of two routes with the bridge. You can either build it yourself or hire someone to do it. Either way will get the desired results, but building it will undoubtedly save you money. Plus you will be able to tell everyone that you built it yourself from scratch. If you have some basic carpentry skills you can do it. Try to find the right plan ahead of time to decide if you can tackle the job. Look at as many designs as you can find to guarantee your happiness with the final project.

When building it yourself make sure you have the necessary materials onhand before starting. You will need wood, nails, and some basic tools like a saw and hammer. Now you can start getting the shape of the bridge mapped out. Create the frame first before adding any slats to it, and position it where you want the final bridge to go. It will be much easier to move with less wood on it. When you are happy with the frame and position of it, add all the extra pieces including any hand rails. Make sure you apply a stain on the wood, similar to if you were building a deck. You don't want the wood to rot from exposure to the elements.

Bridges should be secured before allowing anybody to walk on them. You can do this by using heavy landscaping stones around the edges, or by burying the ends depending on the layout of the bridge. It should not move or sway at all when walked upon as this can be a hazard for your visitors.

The designs around your house should be well thought out since you spend the majority of your time there. You want them to be unique but tasteful, and to be the envy of those who see them. Using different items like bridges is a great way to break out of the usual while still maintaining a nice look. And should you have a small pond they can serve the function of allowing passage over, and to give the fish some shade from the hot sun.

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