Using Native Plants in Your Garden

by ian Williamson

Using native plants in landscaping in an urban setting exudes a certain character and at the same time requires fewer resources; such as water, etc... Here are some things that you should know when planning to embark on this endeavor.

Why use native plants?

Using native plants for landscaping is a way of celebrating natural heritage and a way of returning back to a land ethic established 50 years before by Aldo Leopold. Looking closely at native plants, it can be ascertained that these plants have many traits that make them very appealing in terms of aesthetic value, ecological value, and practicality. They can also present some health benefits when used properly.

Native Plants

So what are native plants? Native plants are plants that have evolved naturally in the United States. In particular, native plants in a certain area are those that were thriving in the particular area long before humans brought plants from faraway places. Both in Central and Eastern North America, the native plants grow in areas that have other species which have adapted to similar weather, moisture, and soil conditions. Some of the more prevalent types include tallgrass prairies, beech and maple forests, freshwater marshes, bogs, and savannahs among others.

Native plants are energy savers

Since native plants have been present in their respective areas for thousands of years, they have adapted and toughened against local conditions. They are resilient and can withstand the cruel winter cold or the sizzling summer heat. After getting a firm hold on the land, these types of plants will need no fertilizers or irrigation and are less prone to pests. Because of these reasons, native plants are very ideal for a low-maintenance type of landscaping and gardening.

Native plants are fascinating

Due to their diversity, native plants include wonderful flowers and interesting foliage. Trees and shrubs native to an area present a multitude of shapes, textures, and sizes to the landscape. Besides this, native plants have very interesting cultural as well as historical dimensions. A lot of the species are considered to be of value both as food and medicine. Some types have been used for textiles, dyeing, and cordage to name a few of their uses... It also serves as a reminder, a link to yesterday and its memories.

These are some of the reasons why native plants are used for landscaping. If you think that these are well grounded reasons and that you concur with it, then there is no reason why you should not delve into native plant landscaping.

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